Best obs settings

best obs settings

In the next video I will do OBS, then partnered vs. non-partnered settings, and finally dual-PC streaming and making your own streaming server. FOLLOW TWITTER: Hey Guys! Welcome to my Best OBS Recording Settings. I often get asked what the best OBS settings are for recording videos. And I guess that is what you're here for too. So let's get straight into this.

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If you don't have a i7 or equivalent for that. The last phrase is: All posts that are advertising a third-party service or tool must be approved by a moderator via the requests system. If in doubt, contact the moderators via modmail. Although a bit old, you can check this article which has a few comparisons between main and high and other things. From there, go into the recording tab. The Output jayleekryss contains some important settings, including video and audio bitrate. An unofficial community for Twitch. Repetitive topics sex simulator 2016 anything that the community is posted too much. I use joicaster rather than restream - but it slightly increased delay on sites you'd use for near lesbian anal hd delay - my beam. Sign up in just seconds.

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This free, open-source application allows you to capture and stream live video from any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. Hit apply to save your settings so far. I personally stream using the following settings: One of the more important options in the settings is selecting the proper Twitch server. Thanks for checking out the guide also btw! Now open command prompt, type tracert , space and insert the domain. Have you used the new Raids feature? What should we call you? From there, go into the recording tab. What kind of devices will have issues with playback, generally? Thank you for your time and an informative post. It might be their connection to Twitch, but don't forget that youtube live offers transcoding for everyone - so, just for them try twitch streaming at p 30 1kbs. About half of those people screwed arround with those settings not knowing what they do. The biggest problem with OBS is the software is difficult for beginners to use — hence why I get so many people asking me about the best OBS settings for recording. Thank you for the feedback. Its been really good so far. High brings in a few additional tools for x to encode video, at the cost of breaking compatibility with very old devices. I'll try it out the next time I stream and see if it helps, thanks for letting me know! This is the location where you want to store your screen captures. The recording path will determine where our recordings will be saved. You won't be able to vote or comment. My point for the original comment was that if you don't already have a rig with an expensive i7 processor to allow you to game and stream at the same time with decent performance, you can build a dedicated streaming rig for what will be likely a far cheaper cost and you will get better results. This guide is going to help you in this process so you can get to streaming faster! This probably accounts for tens of thousands of low viewer count streams and twitch is simply not in the habit of making that bandwidth available to them all. Hey man, you said you've configured and streamed tournaments european porn stars esports, how do you get a shoutcaster to be able to call matches they're watching reddit sex stories their audio being delayed? The check boxes may be important, however. Other then that great guide defently. I enjoyed the thorough walkthrough Psynaps. This will make the troubleshooting way faster:

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